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Transforming information into insight. mýa turns raw data into actionable intelligence, promoting open and secure collaboration between members.


Data and digital transformation have brought sweeping change to the world. Where once there was isolation, connectivity has brought millions together, empowering populations and providing unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture.

However, this digital revolution is not without challenges. Traditional industries such as Marine, Oil & Gas and Power Generation have some inbuilt obstacles. Typical Marine or Oil & Gas installations can generate terabytes of data every day, overwhelming the organisations receiving it. However, properly harnessed, this data can deliver operational efficiencies in everything from to reduced carbon emissions to optimized workflows or preventing activity in unsuitable areas.

Our mýa platform offers a way to blend different data streams, bringing them together in a single, easily analysed flow. Not only does this enable collaboration between manufacturers and users alike, it helps you, it helps you predict future events across your total ecosystem.


mýa is all about interconnectivity, empowerment and enabling the steady flow of data from complex operating systems to decision-makers like yourself.

Our aim is to bring together OEMs, giving them a single, coordinated view of their information so they can make better decisions. We also seek to empower customers, maintaining contacts, facilitating up-selling and client loyalty. This data-sharing will, in turn, lead to better equipment interrelationships and interdependencies, offering digital services without platform “middlemen”, a process that improves cooperation between OEMs and allows them to offer new services more quickly, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

How mýa enables data integration from different sources

A simple, single data stream

Rather than companies building their own asset management systems in disconnected data silos, mýa enables the entire ecosystem to be managed from a single place. Presenting multiple different data inputs as a single, easily understood stream; it keeps things simple. The platform also helps support standardization and common KPIs across the industry, and as there is no need for multiple login and authentication processes, it saves time and energy.

Innovative, independent and analytical

Further benefits include the efficient use of data and interrelated analytics, as mýa allows the development of applications related to equipment interdependencies. Moreover, mýa is independent and not- for-profit, governed and steered by its members and also helping promote the joint management of asset-related data between equipment manufacturers, users and operators.

Act quickly, decisively and effectively

As the data streams are combined and easier to understand, the mýa platform allows people to act more quickly. You get earlier alerts on equipment issues, which in turn means you can improve your risk management, forecasting and capacity planning. In fact, the improved system analytics means you are afforded a better, simpler look at the total asset ecosystem, enabling classification on higher level.

About mýa

mýa Connection GmbH is a company based in Switzerland. Governed by a board of shareholder-elected representatives, we provide an open, standardised way to manage data privileges as well as maintaining a master index of assets and components for our members.

Join us, and you can set the direction for the future. By being amongst the first, you can promote open collaboration with other organisations through exchanging and integrating access to data in a controlled secure manner. Sign up as a member or book a demo, and you’ll take the first steps on a journey that will democratise data sharing, remove industry friction points and ultimately help business operate more efficiently, saving time, money and resources.

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